AJ Plumbing Showrooms

Showroom refurbishments for AJ Plumbing in Newry, Banbridge, Ballynahinch


AJ Plumbing Supplies

Amac Building Ltd is proud to have a longstanding partnership with AJ Plumbing Supplies, a relationship that reflects our commitment to quality and excellence. Over the years, we have undertaken three major showroom updates for AJ Plumbing Supplies.

Firstly, we carried out a comprehensive refurbishment of their Banbridge showroom, transforming it into a modern and inviting space that showcases their products in the best possible light. Following this, we turned our attention to their Ballynahinch showroom, where we executed a complete overhaul, incorporating contemporary design elements and functionality improvements.

Most recently, we embarked on phase one of the updates to their Newry showroom, focusing on the heating and stoves area. This initial phase has revitalised the space, enhancing the customer experience and setting the stage for future improvements.

Through these projects, Amac Building Ltd has demonstrated our dedication to delivering high-quality refurbishments that meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients. We look forward to continuing our work with AJ Plumbing Supplies and supporting their growth and success.